I know what you are saying: Yet another game you are looking at?

Yes. I am.

If you've never been in a position where you life has been topsy turvy and you could not find a game you could get into at the same time as your friends and guildies, you are a lucky gamer. Between medical needs, severe extended family concerns, and having my finaces constantly torn to shreds by things like hurricane Irma: I think you can cut me some slack.

Just Play.

I know some of you have been impatient, annoyed, and even outright pissed I could not accomplish all I set out to do. But, I am going to give you a reality check. Cross Guard has always been about respecting others when it came to their real lives. It is something that drew you here. You knew I was not going to give you the riot act if you came to me and said "Boss, I got a lot of sh*t going on and just having a hard time being regular". Heck, I've had some outright disappear for months or even over a year and return and accepted you with open arms.

I work hard when I am able to, but there has come a time in my life when it's been extremely difficult for me to keep it going. Between health issues (Brain tumor, anyone?), worrying about some severe extended family concerns, and having my finaces constantly topsy turvy because of all that as well as things like Hurricane Irma -cut me some damn slack.

I've tried to stay positive and strong.

I Try to be Dauntless.

Some have given me such a hard time, but no one really stood up and said "I'll help you". When it came to leadership, they all left. Knowing what was actually going on. The hard part was: Some made it seem like something else. That I will never understand. But ONE did step up. Malephite, this is for you. You have been the only one that consistantly stood by me and helped me actively. This does not mean no one else was supportive in other ways. Some of you have been busy with your own lives and that is what kept you busy. You did not give me a hard time.You've understood what it's like and you still try and find time to connect as a guild. People like Aether Fox, Maverix, Ruez, and Nikito. They all have their own crisis to handle.

They Have Been Dauntless.

It is for members like you I keep bringing it up. Looking for a game to help bring us together again in a more cohesive group.

You want to see something great happen? Stop waiting for me to do all the work. I am more than happy to work hard, but I could use the help. The support. The understanding. the same thing I would have given you if you had come to me with an overloaded life and just wishing you could get it all figured out so you could play with your friends again more regularly.

I am still standing by my original goal for Crossguard for the past two years. We will be going into Chronicles of Elyria. However, this game still has work to be done and it could be awhile. So, we need another focus. I've been trying to find that focus. Now, I've tried playing games some of you wanted me to play and they have just not clicked. So, now I am going to play something I really like. With my life being so hard this year, I need it. 

It's been tough. watching Cross Guard lie fallow and the efforts I make seeming to not "take". But, as this game I am embracing these days...

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I Am Dauntless!
If you are thinking about playing Retail WOW, pop into our Discord. Have a few of us playing on Bloodhoof/Alliance. Even doing a wee bit of PVP it looks like.
The pace is picking up for COE. You will begin to see more organization over the next week or so.
Artroz here. I'm playing a 105 Paladin on FV these days (Zannin). Feel free to stop by anytime!
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