If you have been wandering about and have stopped trying to see "what's up?!" with CG lately and not seeing anything, it's because we've mostly kept communications to Discord and in game.

My Discord name is: Kridina#9025 Contact me there to ensure you get a current Discord invite.

I will still keep the website going as it can be useful at times, but truly, it's direct interaction with one another that gets the best results! So, if you hankering for some good times and that ole CG feeling, hit us up on Discord (See the widget on the page!) or pop into the vWOW server we are one (The Elysium Project, Darrowind -NOT the Proxy! - Alliance). The guild is quite busy there. Heck even the mornings has a nice crew going. Being vanilla, there is no real rush to max level and one can enjoy the actual experience of that old glory. Even mount eny. Ugh. :P

And dudes, this is not a damn hardcore guild. Yes, we get shite done, but just come have fun. group up. Dungeon. Chat, learn your role. We will raid, but it's not the "be all end all" of what we are looking for. If that is all you want and you are gonna whine and cry because others are enjoying actually playing a game and being on at times other than raid times, then this guild will not be for you. The guild failed on Phinigel because of the push from hardcore raiders wanting nothing more than their loot. They did not care about the others. That is not what CG is about. You will get your loot, but you will get soemthing even better; the experience of playing with good people.

Play what you want. The rest will work itself out.

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I Am Dauntless!
If you are thinking about playing Retail WOW, pop into our Discord. Have a few of us playing on Bloodhoof/Alliance. Even doing a wee bit of PVP it looks like.
The pace is picking up for COE. You will begin to see more organization over the next week or so.
Artroz here. I'm playing a 105 Paladin on FV these days (Zannin). Feel free to stop by anytime!
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