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He had been following her all morning. Normally, such a thing would alarm her, but something within her clenched in anticipation of...what? Times like this brought fresh anger and frustration to her. Lost memories created a void within her and left her at a disadvantage. It made her feel weak and she hated weakness. She made the assumption it was her lack of memories causing the disconnect. As she kept an easy stride among the hawkers and wares of the seaside market of the town, named Trinity according to the insistence of the curt tavern owner - he had no time for idle talk - she fought to keep her sensitive ears relaxed. She found she could learn more if people felt she was unaware of what was going on. It wasn't the first time she had ever been followed in a town. It probably would not be the last. She had gotten good at survival, after all.

A rickety stall caught her attention, suddenly. It was dilapidated. Had to be the worst kept one around! She was startled by it's unkempt appearance. It was rare to come across something that wasn't neat and in good repair. Something that always nagged her, but her lack of memory wouldn't explain why it was bothersome. However, in such strong contrast she almost wondered if it was all an illusion, the wares laid out glimmered with the beauty of master craftsmanship. The best she had seen thus far. <em>Knives</em>. Knives of every sort one like her could ever want for. These were not the knives for a fine table set for a dinner party, though there were some carefully crafted beauties for one's travel sack. No, there were throwing knives, small daggers, bladed fist-weapons, also known as Bagh Nakh, even a bladed cestus, or fighting glove, and a myriad of other weapons. Most were small. This was a stall who blades were mostly meant for the quick and agile and not the lumbering swords-man.

But, what caught Kridina's avid appreciation was a well displayed war fan. It was actually a little smaller than others she had seen. It was gorgeously made, with the cloth covering it so beautifully woven she wondered how any one would dare to bloody it in a fight. By this time she had completely forgotten her shadow as she gazed upon the fan with a mixture of yearning and chagrin. Not only did she have no use for something purely ornamental, she doubted she could afford to purchase it. She had money, but she was never sure when the next influx would be coming in, so tended to weigh her purchases very carefully. "It's prolly enchanted to stay clean" came a deep purring voice and she nearly jumped, so startled was she at the sudden approach. Damn! How could she have become so careless and enamored of a bloody fan?!

Her head snapped towards the owner of the voice and she was unable to help the sudden dilation of her pupils when she realized who it was. Even her mouth stood agape for just a moment before she clamped it closed. Her eyes narrowed as she stared the fellow Tiger down. The only other one of her kind she knew to have golden stripes such as she. "V'eenier" she drawled out slowly, "Why the hell are you here? Was it <em>you</em> that was following me from the tavern?" He ignored her question and the waspish tone of her voice to continue on. "See here?" He lifted the fan from it's display stand and flipped it over "Yes, I was right" he pointed to a small design nestled into the base of the fan on one of the blades; "It's been marked with the symbol for mojo, or charm if you will". He turned to her, a brow raised as if they had been doing this all along and he pressed the fan into her hands. "It is perfect for you, Kridina".

She was so angry, she was nearly shaking with it, but V'eenier gave her a nearly innocent look as if he did not deserve her ire and had no idea why she would be upset at his sudden appearance by her side. "Vee...." She tried again, this time making an attempt to calm her reactive nature, but when she caught the glimmer of amusement in his eyes, she actually growled under her breath. "I hate you" She snarled and practically threw the beautiful war-fan on the vender's worn and ugly table and stalked away.

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